Back in the (Commuting) Saddle

Back from vacation and back to bike commuting this week. Early August is great for DC bike commuters. There’s little traffic, which contributed to a first: after over a year of commuting this route,  I made the green light at G and 13th NW, and made each green after that until my turn at 10th.  Woohoo!

Yesterday evening’s city commute was a breeze. The MARC train part was more of a storm. The train stopped minutes after leaving Union Station. Mechanics spent an hour attempting to repair it,  and ultimately failed.

We returned to Union Station, trundled off the train en masse, waited “a few minutes” (per the announcer) for another train, and trooped en masse onto it once it arrived. That put me at my train station just before dark. I had no headlight, though I did have a tail light. To add to the visibility issues, the sky was clouding up; clearly rain was on the way. It arrived, thankfully very lightly, about 2/3 of the way into the ride.

I tried to beat full nightfall while staying hyper alert, knowing I wasn’t highly visible on the road. My efforts weren’t aided by the uphill nature of the route home! It got dark enough that I managed to miss  a turn, prolonging the final drizzly dark part of the ride an extra several minutes. Despite all,  I arrived home safely, just 3.5 hours after leaving the office!

Lesson learned. The handlebar light goes on today.


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