What You Can Do In Under Four Hours: 33 miles, 2 Ice Cream Bars, 2 Portages

Last night a derecho blew through our area. Much havoc was wreaked, leaving nearly 2 million homes without electricity in the Balto-DC region. Close to home, our block was relatively unscathed. One street over, the electricity is out.  A neighbor told me that  UMBC and Ellicott city have no electricity. While it’s less hot and humid than yesterday’s 106 degrees, if you don’t have AC, you’re suffering.

Damaged tree on a nearby street

We decided to head out for our planned bike ride, in spite of heat and storm debris. The Bon Ton Roulet is just a few weeks away, and we both want to be in shape for it. Plus, I’m in the National Bike Challenge and want to do my part for the Friday Coffee Club Team 2.

We thought we’d be out for 3 hours, but it ended up being  closer to 4. Here’s what we did:

1. Rode from home out to the BWI bike trail. Much tree debris on the way to and through Patapsco Park heading toward Elkridge.

2. On the way back, stopped at an Elkridge market and deli for ice cream bars.

3. Headed out of Patapsco Park on Grist Mill Rd. Came upon some park rangers who were removing downed trees. They were willing to let us try to get by, but the massiveness of the trees and their equipment sent us back to try another route.

(still hoping to find photos of the portage. sometimes they get lost and then found again on my phone. which is why I can’t wait until I can trade it for a better one).

4. Took whatever the other road is called out of the park. Much less debris at first, and a good view of the swiftly flowing, muddy river. Encountered 2 path-blocking trees. Portaged over them, which wasn’t easy. Walked over the narrow, swaying suspension bridge. Don’t look down!



6. Rode out of the park and back to Catonsville, with a brief halt in the shade as I was getting slight but important signs of impending heat exhaustion.

7. Picked up bread and milk from Atwater’s as we got near home.

Tomorrow’s plan:  start out a couple of hours earlier.


One thought on “What You Can Do In Under Four Hours: 33 miles, 2 Ice Cream Bars, 2 Portages

  1. What an adventure! It sounds like you had a ride closer to cyclocross than a regular trail ride. I expected to do that with the Capital Crescent Trail, but they wouldn’t allow anyone on at all.

    As for the Bon Ton Roulet, I hope you have fun. I’ve heard it’s really good. My mom did a ride that paralleled it and she said their food lucked great!

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