National Bike Challenge

I’m part of the National Bike Challenge, contributing my small piece to the national goal of logging 10 million miles between May and August this year. So far, I’ve got 295 miles in. This, despite being sick for a week early in May, along with a couple of days of such lousy weather I skipped the bike commute.  Keeping track of miles on the bike  motivates me to ride a little more than I might otherwise, exactly the point of the challenge. Or one of the points, anyhow. The bigger point is an advocacy one. Anyhow, speaking of motivation, I have decided to take my folder with me  next week while out of town for work.  So I will be logging some miles exploring the areas around Jamestown and Dunkirk NY.

BicycleBug, aka Kevin, mentioned that there are still some spots on FridayCoffeeClub Team 2, and suggested I join. Being part of a team will be even more motivating. Even though I don’t normally commute to DC on Fridays, maybe I will make a trip in to meet up at Friday Coffee Club. I’d like meeting the DC cyclists I’ve connected with via Twitter and blogging. And I  had been thinking of coming in one Friday, just to have time to take some pictures of my typical commuting route, and just enjoy some free time in the city.  Just have to work out the logistics.


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