Riding Over Hill and Dale in Western Maryland

I meant to take photos of today’s ride, but I ended up being too busy just surviving it! It was lovely, through Howard and Carroll Counties. 33 miles, if you want to know. 33 very hilly miles. Some were killer steep, though that was balanced by lots of fun flying downhill and a number of relatively flat stretches. Steep and frequent as the hills were, I made them all. A couple of years ago, I’d have had to walk some of them, so there’s a sign of progress. Somewhere early in the ride we rode past a house where a young girl was on a swing. She called out to me with a big smile, “Happy Mothers Day!” That made me happy.

There was little traffic on the small back roads and lots of nice scenery, streams, ground hogs, mansions, farms, horses. The first 17 miles were tough because of those long and often steep hills. The rest was tough not so much from the terrain but from how hard we’d already worked up to that point. The finalt 15 miles seemed to go on for a very long time indeed. Even John said it was a hard ride, so I feel vindicated!

It was a great training ride. If we keep doing at least one ride per weekend that’s at least 5 miles longer than the previous longest ride, soon we’ll be at 50. That’s the magic number for being ready for the Bon Ton Roulet in July. The Bon Ton has some very hilly terrain, so getting in shape for long rides with hills is a good thing. We almost didn’t go, because it seemed we might not have enough time. I’m glad we did.

Mothers Day celebrations continued with a beautiful evening for a backyard cookout, complete with offspring and one of their girlfriends. Gelato for dessert and the day was complete.


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