First By Car, Then By Bike

Last night we decided to go to Iron Bridge in Columbia for dinner. It’s not far from home, always fun and we hadn’t been there in quite a while.  We took a back route through Ellicott City, and as we drove along I thought it might make a nice bike route. As expected we had a great time. They are having a big wine sale this weekend, and we took advantage of that to bring home a case of very well-priced wine. Today we checked it out as a cycling route. The ride itself was great, although there was heavy traffic most of the way. I can’t say I felt my very best (still a little out of sorts from the last week’s illness), but I lasted for the whole, somewhat hilly ride. As we rode past Iron Bridge we joked, should we pick up another case?  Having one of these would really help at such a moment:

Photo of great looking cargo bike from antbikemike’s blog

The stop for ice cream at the 18 mile point certainly helped! Next time we try this route I’d like to head out early in the day, before so many cars are on the road.


2 thoughts on “First By Car, Then By Bike

  1. looks like a nice ride, I am a little familiar with those roads – they seem nice for biking but car traffic can nullify that in a minute, especially that segment of 108 (so narrow)

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