The Unexpected

I decided last week to enter the May National Bike Challenge. I might not rack up as many miles as I expected to, though. After 2.5 days of being  very indisposed with an cause-unknown intestinal problem, I felt well enough yesterday to venture out to work.  I hadn’t done anything since Monday afternoon that took more effort than drinking tea and napping (well, sparing you the description of the havoc wreaked by said intestinal bug).  I wondered if I should bag the bike part of the commute and take the bus instead. Being tough and all that, I chose to try cycling. After all it’s a short, easy ride and under most circumstances the most pleasant part of my commute. Given that I still felt low on energy, the morning commute went fine. It was late when I left due to a 6 pm meeting [how did that happen?]. By then I felt quite a bit better. My improved strength didn’t help much with the traffic problems I encountered. An ambulance that tied up traffic and any number of threats to safety – including my closest call with dooring yet – caused me to have to  execute a variety of avoidance maneuvers.  These were successful but resulted in catching almost 100% of the red lights along my route. I arrived at Union Station just in time to miss the 7:40 train. The big deal about that is, no more trains until 9. I made the best of it by getting a glass of wine and light dinner, and really was happy I felt well enough to do that. Hopefully there will be a steady improvement and more cycling this weekend.


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