A Bike That Caught My Eye

I am the lucky and happy owner of 3 bikes. Each has its own purpose and I love each in its own way. Two are mixtes and one is a folder.  Mixtes eliminate my standover height problem. Plus I like how they look! The folder’s versatility is great and it opens up opportunities that don’t exist with standard bikes.

Last night I was rather idly looking at bikes on CraigsList to see what’s there in the way of mixtes. I am not really looking for another bike. I was just curious,  but this one caught my eye.

It’s an Electra Ticino 8-speed. After looking it up and reading some reviews, I was intrigued with it. Enough so that I emailed the owner, who lives about an hour drive from me. I wanted to try it out and see how it felt. If I liked it I think I  would have made her an offer. She kindly emailed me back to let me know she sold it yesterday (it had been posted for a month).

I don’t  know how I might have used this bike, and I am really not sure why I am so interested in it.  It’s fine that it was sold. Look at all the time and money I just saved!  Maybe someday I will get to check out one of these bikes, which will be fun.


4 thoughts on “A Bike That Caught My Eye

  1. It is fun. So far I haven’t bought one through Craigslist – just didn’t happen to find what I was looking for. I got my Nishiki on ebay a little over a year ago. I wondered about buying a vintage bike sight unseen. It worked out very well.

  2. I have a folding bike that I ride all the time – it’s so versatile and fits my lifestyle (and my tiny apartment) really well – I don’t know how it would do on trails, but this company also makes folding mountain bikes, so I might check one of those out soon too!

  3. @Alex I’ve looked at the Montague website, admired their bikes and wondered how they are to ride. Sounds like you really enjoy yours!

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