Only When Commuting by Bike

Commuting by bike is alternately fun and harrowing. It can be comfortable, or at this time of year, freezing. Never is it dull. Thursday in DC the weather was gorgeous and the a.m. ride was fun.

I arrived in DC unduly bright and early after waking up at 4 a.m. The bad news: I am not a morning person. The good news: the city streets were pleasantly empty. For a few blocks I rode along with two of DC’s Mountain Bike Tactical Patrol. Nice guys. I like the reflective waistband on their jackets. Good idea. I arrived at work with the smile that comes from a good commute. Can’t say I ever smiled like that after Metro-ing or driving into town. That only happens when commuting by bike.

More good news: my work day – which started so exceptionally early – ended at 4:30. Traffic was relatively light and the late afternoon was balmy as promised. I took 19th from L, which is 200% better than turning at 15th, even with the cycle track. 15th and K is just always a mess and I always catch the two red lights before Lafayette Park. Always. When I turn at 19th, it’s usually hassle free and fast to Pennsylvania.

I arrived at Union Station with a bit of time to spare. Aha! Finally, after several months I had enough time, light and warmth to lube the chain. I found a small grassy patch, dug the chain lube and a crumpled paper towel from my pannier, and flipped the bike over. Task accomplished. Hands a little dirty, but hey.


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