Perfect Winter Footwear?

Several years ago, I gave up using clipless pedals. There was nothing wrong with them but I was looking for a simpler solution to riding a bike. I now commute to work year around and I have tried several different approaches to winter cycling shoes. I needed them to be

  • Waterproof — here in MD, we get a lot of wet roads in the winter usually with a snow fall quickly followed by melting snow.
  • Windproof — bike specific shoes can be nice with a firm sole but 99% of them come with mesh tops. Mesh tops suck in the winter time because they are cold. I wear thick socks but I had no interest in goretex or other unnatural sock to keep my feet warm.
  • Walkable and preferably not too dorky…

After several failed selections, this winter I am trying out LL Bean boot (actually a shoe). This shoe has been a great find. It is comfortable, easy to get on, easy to walk in and very comfortable to mash1 on my Atlantis’ Velo-Orange Touring pedals.

1 — mash is a relative reference here. No one is going to confuse me with Lance Armstrong. More like Greg LeMond now…


One thought on “Perfect Winter Footwear?

  1. I’m still waiting for my back-ordered pair of duck boots to arrive. There’s always next winter I guess. Glad to hear they’re serving you well so far.

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