Week Off, Week On

A business trip  took up most of the week of January 15th. Neither my energy level or the weather were great once I returned, so I logged zero bike miles. Physical activity consisted of a little walking and a couple of pretty good gym workouts.  By “pretty good” I mean I got exercise. To me the gym is functional but usually not fun.

This week with no travel, some better weather and more energy meant a return to bike commuting. Well, ok. I skipped Monday. I wasn’t feeling so great yet and we were slated for a rainy day that I just wasn’t up for facing on the bike. By Tuesday I was back in the saddle and enjoying some short but sweet rides. I had some slightly faster than usual commutes.  Thursday evening was especially nice, with little traffic and few obstacles. I made it to Bikestation just as a light rain began to fall. Friday morphed from a warm morning with heavy rain to a sunny, cooler and really windy afternoon. I cycled into a stiff headwind for a few miles, realized I should have layered up a little more. Feeling unpleasantly chilled I cut off the ride after less than 4 miles. The 6 meager rides I fit in this week totalled 20 miles, so I am halfway to the goal for the week with a ride or two yet to come this weekend.

My morning commute takes me past the Freedom Square Occupy DC protesters. My evening ride goes the McPherson Square Occupy group.  The number of tents has understandably decreased as the temperatures have dropped. The wonder is that any are still there as winter (even a mild one like this) has moved in. Apparently the NPS been pressured into evicting the Occupiers as of this Monday. I am wondering with some dread if they will all be arrested. Their tents have become part of the DC landscape and their collective presence reminds us all of what is going awry in our country. It unsettles me to think they could be forced out of sight.


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