Things Lost and Found…or Not

I was lucky this week to find some things I’d lost or misplaced:

a) An earring from a pair that I really like. The errant piece of jewelry turned up on my car’s floor , nestled between door and seat.

b) A very useful little “be seen” handlebar light. It took me a while to remember I had put it inside a small bike bag.

c) My sense of fun and being-in-the-moment. It was eroded a bit by  a busy week back at work. Found it yesterday during a twilight ride through the neighborhood. Holiday lights came on, bringing an ethereal, fairyland effect to the streets. Other than those at the house with the inflatable Santa on a tractor. That one’s not so other-worldly!

Still missing:

a) My Buff, the perfect year round cycling accessory. It’s not in any of the places I’ve looked so far. Hope I didn’t leave it behind somewhere in New York state. Let me know if you find it.



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