What To Wear In Fall’s Chill

It’s a little hard to dress right for fall bike rides. Weather that feels just slightly chilly when you step out the door can create the need for warm layers and gloves on the bike. As the sun comes out, the day warms up, and as you ride, you warm up, too. Those layers can get to be too much, even when a cycling induced breeze chills you.

Today it was in the 50’s and sunny, not much wind. I wore a light wool sweater, with a Lands End shell (not bike specific) that offers a little windproofing and raspberry pink visibility. I wore my Buff around my neck, in case the wind made my ears cold, and should have worn a cap under my helmet. There was a cool but tolerable breeze coming through the vents. Fingerless cycling gloves and Boure tights with padded cycling undies beneath, and Alchemy socks under my Merrell cross trainers. Wool socks would have been a better choice, and I should have worn a cap under my helmet. I realized these things after I felt a bit of chill breeze on my feet and head. The tights were  comfortable and warm. I so should have worn them on the Catonsville Rails to Trails ride!


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