Into the Dark Season

It happens every year. The days shorten, the clock falls back, the leaves fall, the air chills. I’m looking for some positives here, because there’s a lot I don’t like about this increasingly dark time of year.

1. Steeler Football.

Late Afternoon Sun

2. Soup.

3. Warm clothes and blankets.

4. Thanksgiving.

5. Autumn leaves.

Fall Day, Patapsco Park

6. Sunny autumn bike rides. These photos are from this afternoon’s bike ride.

t7. Snow, and snow days.

8. Time to think and just be.

9. Feeling smug. Hey, if I layer up and go for a bike ride on a cold winter day, I get to feel extra virtuous, right?

10. Cross country skiing. I haven’t done it since my ancient skis and boot  bit the dust a few years ago. But I do love it, and this got the  list to 10.


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