The Perfect Waterbottle

The Perfect Waterbottle

Like most cyclists, I have purchased my fair share of water bottles. I have used the cheapie ones you get with the bike. I have used the slightly better ones like the Camelbak Podium. I have used the Polar and Camelbak insulated ones. I have used the regular Kleen Kanteen water bottles with the sports caps. Last but not least, I have also owned several Camelbak backpacks.


All functioned just as designed and delivered water. The Camelbak backpacks delivered a lot of water.

Plastic bottles are very light. Personally, I am 15 pounds overweight so the bottles are recycled bowling balls, it is probably not doing much for me but your mileage may vary.

All the plastic bottles were easy to clean. The KK bottles are okay to clean but they have shoulders and a narrow opening so that makes them a bit harder.


I found it almost impossible to actually keep the Camelbak backpacks from getting some serious bio experiments going in them. I mean never put some Gatorade or similar drink in there unless you are planning on replacing the bladder very, very soon. You can use the tablets or mouth wash or some fine bourbon for all I care. Before the summer is out, the tube will be black. It could just be discolored from the bourbon but I am just saying…

Plastic bottles make the water taste like crap and some weird shit can happen here with a sweet sports drink. Then you have to clean them with bleach and you have to taste bleach for a couple of rides until the taste wears off. The only thing worst than plastic-tasting water is bleach-tinted, plastic tasting water.

Regular KK bottles practically boil the damn water on a summer day.


Well lets not get carried away but in a previous post, I had noted that I really liked the Kleen Kanteen insulated bottles. I still think they are amazing. I rode yesterday in 105 degree heat index weather and still had ice left at the end of a 2.5 hour ride. That is just flat out impressive. However, there was a big drawback. They had regular screw on ‘thermos’ lids. These sort of — not completely mind you — sucked. You had to either master the unscrewing whilst riding or wait until you stopped. Most cyclists are going to probably hate both of these options.

So I am at REI yesterday and I notice that they have alternative tops to some insulated canteens (Camelbak specifically). I tried them on the wide mouth KK bottles and they did not screw on correctly. I still had time to kill so I tried something else. I tried a Camelbak Podium bottle top. Perfect fit. I already had one Podium that I was on the verge of throwing out since it is plastic and there is some major bung growing in the bottle itself. I bought myself one more and presto- the best of both worlds. Ice cold water/sports drinks with a great lid.


Kleen Kanteen Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle

Camelbak Podium

VO Moderniste SS Bottle Cage


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Waterbottle

  1. Try the HydroFlask. It’s 24oz and they sell caps to fit that can be used while cycling, too. Plus, they sell a wide mouth, 64oz insulated growler, so you can bring your beer along, too! What a company! Try it; you’ll like it….

    • I think you missed the point of the article. I believe I have found the perfect water bottle. Today, I had just cold water with no ice and it was ice cold an hour into the ride in 96 degree heat.

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