Crystal City – A Nice Place to Bike

Another set of back-to-back  conferences this month, this time in Northern VA. Just over 40 miles from home, but at least 2 hours by car or public transit. It seemed better to stay at the hotel. I brought the Tikit with me hoping to get in at least some bike time. I did get a ride in on my one free evening.  Riding the bike lane along Crystal Drive, I noticed a few CaBi stations, with both bikes and empty docks. I found the entrance to the Mt Vernon Trail at Crystal Drive and 18th. This stretch of the trail going toward DC parallels the GW Parkway and the Potomac. First you go by Gravelly Point. You can hang out there and watch the planes come in to land at National Airport. As I pedaled along I noticed a number of people riding CaBi’s and wondered if they used them to commute. It didn’t look like it from what they were carrying but they certainly could have. Here and there were some pedestrians or joggers in the way but mostly everyone shared the path well. Other than the one oblivious family that spread out across the path. I encountered them on the way out and on the return trip too.  Despite fixing the turn off point in my mind, I nearly missed it on the way back. It came up faster than I expected it to, but luckily  I noticed the sign for Crystal City, or Jodi would have been waiting for me for a while.

The view of the monuments across the Potomac from that vantage point is one of the things I love about DC. I was sorry that I had forgotten my phone and so couldn’t photograph the view. But then it was an overcast evening and the pictures might not have been great anyway. I got about as far as the bridge before Theodore Roosevelt Island (is that Memorial Bridge? I’m not sure).

It was a fun one hour ride, followed with dinner with Jodi at Jaleo.  I wore my Nuu-Muu dress to ride, so I was able to get ready for dinner in a flash by putting on a sweater over it and a pair of capri length tights under it. I love these dresses. I got two of them and may get another. They fit and feel like a very comfortable tunic length sports top. They are made in fun prints and you can get them with or without a small rear pocket that closes with a flap. The pocket would hold a credit card, or some money, maybe one key, but nothing bulky.  On the bike I wear padded liners or shorts under the dress. Off the bike you can wear them on their own or with a sweater or tights as I did and look just fine to go out.  They fit a bit snug, but not super form-fitting. They are short, and I say that as someone who is 5’1″ on a good day. I am not quite sure how they work as dresses on taller women.

The Tikit was much admired as I brought it in and out of the hotel, unlike the visit to the Gaylord, where it was rather ignored. Guests and staff exclaimed  over it as a “cool bike,” a “cute bike” and “the kind of bike I need!”


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