Pruning the herd…

This winter, Nancy and I went to Austin to the North American Handmade Bike Show in Austin, Texas. I brought my Rivendell Rambouillet that has S&S couplers that I bought in 2006.

Cool Ass BIke

Rivendell Rambouillet

This is a great bicycle but using it to bomb around Austin was more than a bit of overkill. The bike fits into a suitcase but barely and I have traveled with it in the suitcase a grand total of three times in 5 years. Not exactly wearing it out if you get my drift.

Several weeks later, I bought a Brompton 2-speed that would be perfect for just these types of trips. Small, folds even smaller and minimal crap to deal with. I mean it has two gears, how badly could it get screwed up?

As I began the spring updating of my bikes, a thought began to rattle around my head. “What the fuck are you doing with four bikes?” I mean I have four bikes with four different tire sizes so you cannot easily move bags from one bike to the next. You have to buy four sets of tires and tubes and Nancy has three more bikes. So now I am maintaining seven fucking bikes. I know there is a post that I read somewhere that nine was the perfect number of bikes but not for me…

So this year, I turn fifty and I began to think that it might be time to find a bike that suits how I ride now rather than keep a bicycle diary of my cycling life via bikes that I have kept over the year. So I pondered it for a couple of days and talked it over with Nancy and I called Rivendell and ordered what I had originally looked for when I bought the Rambouillet, the Atlantis. I ordered it with Albatross bars and fenders and it will be the perfect touring/commuting bicycle. I have not done a go-fast ride in a couple of years now. In fact, I sold my Serotta last year to someone at work since I never used it at all anymore.  We shall see where this bike takes me but in the mean time, I have sold the Rambouillet, the Quickbeam is for sale and the Surly is next on the block. Then I will have the Atlantis and the Brompton and I am going to try very hard to embrace my constraints and keep just those two.


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