Tikit Goes to Meeting

National Harbor

Packing list for four days at the Gaylord National Harbor:

1. 2 skirts

2. 1 pr pants

3. 3 tops

4. 1 jacket, 1 sweater

5. Cycling knickers and t- shirt

6. Tikit, helmet, water bottle

7. iPad

What better way to work off the effects of long days in meetings than to bike around the National Harbor? The hotel staff has been great, bringing in the bike along with my luggage without blinking. Tonight I asked the concierge if the maintenance staff might have a nut to fit the bolt that holds my rear fender to the frame above the tire. I lost that piece somewhere along the way on yesterday’s ride. Surprised but helpful, she called in my request. The young man who responded brought me a new nut and bolt as well as some zip ties, refused any tip and wished me a good ride tomorrow.

National Harbor is small, with streets that are flat to slightly hilly. The views of the Potomac and downtown DC are spectacular. Tomorrow, if it’s not raining in the early evening, I plan to take the trail to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. It’s about a mile from here and 2-3 miles across the bridge.


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