Overcoming Riders’ Block

One part fear plus one part inertia plus one part laziness is adding up to continued avoidance of riding my Nishiki mixte from home to the train station. It’s a mere 4 miles. So what’s the problem?

Fear – There’s a merge lane from the highway onto the road I have to ride on. I am creeped out by the thought of cars coming up fast behind me as I pass the merge lane. I have driven in that merge lane and realize I can easily see oncoming traffic and so would be able to avoid hitting a cyclist. Unreasoningly, perhaps, I still am afraid of this spot.

Inertia – I moved here this winter. It was cold. It was dark early.  I drove to the train station and now that’s my habit.

Laziness – I would have to get up earlier, leave about 15 minutes earlier and get home about 15 minutes later. It’s already a long day and I am reluctant to make it even longer.

In my effort to overcome this riders’ block I took the Nishiki on an hour-long afternoon ride. I tested everything out, shifters, brakes, and my ability to ride rolling hills on it. No physical or mechanical problems. Now to overcome the psychological barriers. I will!


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