Lovely Bicycle’s Fund Raising Sale

Reading my favorite blogs while lingering over Sunday lunch with John, I came Lovely Bicycle’s fund raising post. My eyes widened when I saw she had two Brooks B17S’s!

My 1970’s era Nishiki mixte, bought last fall on Ebay, has been tuned up and made ready for short rides and commutes.  I’ve tried to do this without spending too much, since it’s meant to be the bike I can lock up at the train station all day without worrying about it. It has just a so-so saddle and here was a chance to get a great one for a terrific price. What’s not to like?

“Go for it,” was John’s advice.

I emailed her immediately, figuring I’d be lucky indeed if the either of the two saddles were still available. Shortly thereafter came a return message. The cheaper saddle (good used vs excellent used condition) was mine if I wanted it.

Cool! It’s on it’s way to me next week, a fine used saddle complete with multiple satisfactions: connecting to the larger bicycling community, saving money, reusing a good component, and helping to support the Lovely Bicycle blog.


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