Black Rose Messenger Bag

Black rose bag part 1

I am a bit late with this review. I purchased this bag back in February after it was posted On Ecovelo. It looked like a great canvas bag and I had been in the market for one since my old canvas Timbuk2 bag had died several years ago. Previous to this bag, I had used a Chrome Mini-Metro as my main commuter bag. It was a fine bag but I grew to hate the trademark buckle.

So I contacted the Black Rose gang and with a bit of back and and forth, this bag arrived about three weeks later. It is roughly 15″x7″x13-16″ vertically depending on how tight you cinch it down. It weighs 2lbs 9ozs. On the outside, I have two slit pockets on top of each other, a pocket with a flap that easily holds my wallet and my iPhone. There is also a key fob. On the inside, there is a pocket against the back wall that holds the iPad vertically. The bag is lined with a waterproof liner to ensure that my clothes and the iPad stay dry during a surprise Maryland rain storm. The bag easily holds the iPad, may work clothes for the day, launch lunch in a the bag and spare batteries, iPhone, and wallet on the outside.

Pros: great looking bag! I get a lot of nice compliments on the bag and not just from cyclists. It holds way more than you think it would. I put four rolls of paper towels and the iPad into it for these photos and I could have squeezed more in. Not a lot more but more. It is comfortable to wear on my back. In the one squall I rode through, it held up well on the water resistant scale. Everything inside was nice and dry. The buying process was through Etsy and could not have been easier. It was a pleasure doing business with the Black Rose team.

Cons: the bag is canvas and fully loaded is close to 12 lbs with almost 3 lbs being the bag itself. I am 10 lbs overweight so a 3 lbs bag is not the problem… The key fob thing seems like a great idea and I did ask for it but my keys clank against everything when riding and it gets irritating. I asked for it so I cannot really a bitch about that.

I would heartily recommend this bag as long as you are not a weight weenie. If you are, you should probably look elsewhere. And don’t get the key fob no matter HOW cool it looks.


Flickr set is here.


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