YES to Bikes as Hip Accessories?

Would you say YES

To this bike from CB2?


According to CB2’s blog, these Republic city bikes are inspired by traditional Dutch omaflets. So of course, they are named Abuela, and Abeulo, which are Spanish for grandmother and grandfather. No, I don’t get this either. The red seat and bell are billed as “safe and sexy.”

If you decide to buy one, make sure to also check out these Buyers’ Picks. Apparently other CB2 shoppers thought this bike goes great with the Robo Key Toppers and other modern home furnishings. One of them actually is a bike accessory. Do you think the buyers’ picks really come from buyers? It’s hard to know if anyone has bought one of these bikes yet, since no reviews are posted.


Is CB2 selling bikes a good thing or a bad thing? It strikes me as bad. Selling bikes along with fashion accessories seems, well, ridiculous. Will these bikes ever be ridden? Or will they just be posed artfully in the apartment next to the skinny dip side table and the tie-1-on chair?

On the other hand, it could be a good thing. It could signal CB2’s commitment to fitness, environmentalism and alternative transportation, right?  It could help introduce more people to cycling and increase awareness of sharing the road safely with bicyclists, couldn’t it. I don’t know. If they are truly serious about promoting cycling, I think they could offer their customers a credit (say 20% of purchases) to use at their LBS, rather than selling equipment they can’t service or support. What do you think?


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