Celebrating Daylight Savings Time with a Ride

We took off for a Sunday ride around town on this first day of daylight savings time.  John rode his new Brompton, curious to see what  the 2-speed bike would be like on the hills around here. I rode Sweetpea, my ANT mixte touring bike. With her new chain and clean derailleur, she rode like a dream. I may not be in the best of shape but she sure is.  This ride was a test drive for my new Boure Womens Classic bike shorts. 

Here’s my opinion of the shorts:

Comfort: Terrific. The leg elastic grips without binding. The waist band is comfortable.  The padding which feels a little too bulky off the bike is fine while riding. The chamois provides the essential protection and comfort and feels “just right.” The seamless inner thigh prevents chafing.

Looks: Close-to-the-body fit. The eight-panel seaming creates graceful lines. They are made of nylon/lycra and come in 2 color choices, blue or black.

Fit: The small fits perfectly. I normally wear size 6 or 8 petite pants. The leg ends about 3.5″ above my knee, which suits me fine. The waistband is described by Boure as 1.24″ drawstring. Can’t say I see a drawstring anywhere, but I don’t need one.  I think it’s just 1.25″ flat elastic.

Practicality: These shorts are winners for comfort. I am sure they will be easy to hand wash and will dry quickly, important on tours. There are no pockets, typical of this type of short. 

Bottom line: I like them and will order 1 more pair. They will be great for longer local rides and for touring. 






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