Have Tikit, Will Travel

We got around by bike and by foot for the 4 days we spent in Austin.This gave me more experience with the Tikit. Austin traffic is light compared to Baltimore or DC. Drivers were careful around cyclists. That was good since we got a lost a couple of times and had to slow down to get our bearings. We ate out for most of our meals and three places really stand out as great. One I mentioned previously, the Whip In. Another is the funky, artsy former auto garage turned organic, vegetarian and cyclist-friendly Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse. The other is the South Congress Cafe, that had great food, excellent wine, and prompt service — things that were not to be found at the two other dinner places we tried.

About the Tikit, I need to make a couple of changes. I will upgrade to grippier pedals and I need to raise the flat handlebar slightly higher than the saddle to get a comfortable hand position. Speaking of the saddle, that needs an upgrade too. The Tikit did well on the road but was a little skittish on the gravelly paths we found on the Lady Bird Johnson trails. The bike is easily maneuverable in city traffic. It got a real workout we we left Zilker Park during our Sunday ride and briefly rode the neighborhoods north of the park. There we encountered one of the longest, steepest hills I ever rode up. I made it most of the way, but finally had to stop, not because my legs gave out, but because my stomach was threatening to. There were a couple more hills to tackle after that, but none as long or as steep. The Tikit will be great for what I got it for, commutes, errands around town and for travel. It won’t be the go-to bike for longer rides but that’s what I have the ANT for.

The NAHBS gave us a great reason to check out Austin. I’d always wanted to visit the city and enjoyed the warm and sunny weather, local music, coffee houses, outdoor bars, warm weather and of course the bike show. I’d be happy to visit the city again someday.



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