Brand V Grab Sack – A Worst-Selling Superstar?


Grant Peterson writes that Rivendell’s Brand V Grab Sack is one of their worst-sellers !  I’ve been using the Grab Sack since January, when I bought one of the few they sold that month with a gift certificate from John’s mother. I love the bag and think its spot on the worst seller list is highly undeserved. It has everything – good looks, functionality and a great price.

When it comes to bags, I am not easy to please. My past is littered with bags purchased, then stashed in the back of a closet, ultimately given away or sold because they were just not right. Lately my bag purchases have been more bike-y than dressy, which is not at all to say that function trumps form. Both are equally important.

Brand V Grab Sack Review

Pros: I agree with Grant Peterson – it’s roomy, the toggle closures are simple and satisfyingly easy to open.  The small inside pocket organizes a wallet, keys, cell phone. The large inside pocket can hold small purchases, or a book, journal, or an I-Pad (if I had one!). It’s simple, rugged, good-looks work equally well for men or women and it has some cool bike-friendly features. The reflective strip along it’s width enhances night-time visibility. The shoulder strap adjusts for a variety of carrying positions and unclips to quickly convert to a waist strap. The sturdy, waterproof fabric and strong stitching seem like they’ll last for a lifetime and more.  It’s simple construction no doubt contributes to it’s very reasonable price, $48. You can find bags of a similar (albeit fancier and less bike-friendly) style from J.Crew for twice as much.

Cons: No bag is perfect and this one is no exception to that rule. The simplicity lauded above limits it’s usefulness for travel.  While it can be worn as a waist pack, I find it ridiculouly large for that purpose. But then, I shop in the petite department. A taller person with a longer and wider torso might find it perfect worn as a waist pack.  I wish it had a key ring in the large inner pocket. One outer pocket, zippered or open, would greatly improve it’s functionality. These are enhancements I’d be willing to pay more for.

Bottom Line: This is a great bag and deserves to be on Rivendell’s best seller list.


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