Tikit Packed and Ready To Go



My new Bike Friday Tikit – disassembled, snugly packed and ready for a trip to sunny Austin, Texas. My friend Cindy lives in Cleveland. She just posted a picture of the ice covered tree that crushed her Scion coupe. She’s not complaining, so I won’t either.  Here in the Baltimore-DC region we’ve had a long and cold winter, with a little snow and a bit of ice. An easy winter compared to Snowpocolypse 2010. But I will say I am looking forward to the 70+ degree weather predicted for our trip.

A year of contemplation coupled with a terrific price reduction on a Tikit model that is being discontinued resulted in the purchase of this fine-looking hyperfold.  


It has flat handlebars, 16″ tires, an 8 speed rear derailleur, grip-twist shifter, a grip Incredibell, folding pedals, fenders, and a Bike Friday Select MTB sadde. It also came with a quick transit cover and attached carrying handle.


Why I wanted a folding bike: For out of town travel and for my multi-mode commute. 

Why I was ambivalent: Superficial as it may be, I didn’t admire the folders’ appearance. And, I was uncertain how much I would use it.

Now that I have it: The Tikit’s appearance is winning me over. It may not be elegant – though I may not be either! But it is cute. I love maneuvering the bike. It’s a breeze to get it in and out of the house and shed.

What’s taken some getting used to: Folding and unfolding. Though touted as easy, it baffled me at first. Watching this detailed BF instructional video helped a lot. This one helped with the unfolding process.

What it’s like to ride: Fun! It’s nimble and responsive, though not shock absorbent. It handles hills with ease even though I’m pretty out of shape after very little riding for the past couple of months.  

What I’ll change: The saddle. It’s very uncomfortable, even on a short ride. The pedals. I like to ride “free” and the standard folding pedals it comes with don’t have enough grip. I hope the folding metal MKS pedals are better. Might add a rear rack. Will see if I end up liking the flat handlebars. 

More later on travelling with the Tikit!





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