Sunday Errand by Bike

A January Sunday: windy, 25, sunny. John worked on my vintage Nishiki Royale this morning, getting it’s upgraded but balky shifters to work better. The Nishiki, a pretty gray mixte, was ready for a ride. She’d been languishing in the shed for a couple of months, as the difficulty shifting made me reluctant to ride her.


Today was the day. I wanted to pick up some coffee at Atwater’s and John wanted to know if the shifter was working any better.  I layered up – silk long underwear, wool sweater, yoga pants, socks, gloves and hat, light jacket and low boots. Grabbed my Brand V GrabSack and clipped my Sackville ShopSack into my Wald basket, all purchased from Rivendell Bikes. Did I need both bags for this errand? No, but I wanted to try them out while checking out how the shifters were working.

How’d it go?

Shifters: now working great, shifting smoothly into all gears, thanks to John’s efforts.
Brand V GrabSack– This is a great bag. Roomy, light, rugged, reflective stripe, toggle closures. But, carried messenger style on the bike it’s slidey. You can rearrange the straps and carry it waist pack style, though I think that  would look odd, given it’s size. 
ShopSack and Wald Basket: It was love at first sight with this bag. It’s a roomy, sturdy, great all-purpose bag. We now own 3 of them and use them constantly. They have outer clips that hold it into the medium Wald basket.  Make sure to use the clips; they stop the bag from hopping out of the basket mid ride. The basket is mounted on a rear rack on this bike. My small frame, my own as well as the bike’s, mean there’s not much room between saddle and basket. The bag brushed up against my lower back a little, a bit disconcerting but not a problem.
Cold Weather Ride: I was warm enough, though wished I’d taken time to find my neck/face gaiter. On this bike I found I have to strap both pant legs down, not just the right leg as I do on my ANT. Olive, the Nishiki, felt stable, moved quickly and enjoyed the outing, as did I. 


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